Secure Vault & Storage

Secure Vaults and Bonded Warehouses

Premium Secure’s highly-secured, strategically located storage facilities are recognized as market leaders. All our vaults are strategically located in international Free Trade Zones or enjoy bonded status. Our vaulting facilities are built to provide you with state‑of‑the‑art precious metals storage services, including primary dedicated pick‑and‑pack and storage operations around the world.

Storage units available range from safety deposit boxes suitable for individuals all the way up to entire dedicated vaults customized to meet the most stringent requirements of banks, global corporations and financial institutions. Several of the facilities feature custom-designed secure inspection lounges and meeting rooms, allowing clients to host private events and showings in an exclusive atmosphere whilst enjoying unparalleled security and discretion at all times.

Our effective and professional transport management team will ensure proper planning and execution of all customer movements. We endeavor to ensure our transport system is well managed so that customer’s goods are delivered to advise final destinations at the right times, in the right quantity and in good condition. WorldTrans Shipping will ensure that trucks are available at all times to meet our clearance times as well as delivery. Trucks will be specifically chosen to ensure the safety and security of the cargo.

Secutiry and safety features

Our vaults’ security and safety systems have been designed from the ground up incorporating a unique tailored mix of physical surveillance, cutting-edge technology, 24/7 monitored CCTV together with alarm, climate, and fire control systems. Security at each vault is paramount. Our Lexemborg facility has attracted international acclaim and our London facility is the only commercial facility in the UK to have a vault that meets levels Grade XII (EX) (CD) and EN 1143-1. Premium Secure has CTPAT approval; AEO approval; and is a DFT Regulated Agent.

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Secure Storage services

Our high‑security warehousing protects your products around the clock.

Secure vaults & Private client storage

Let Premium Secure's secure vaults and bonded warehouses provide you with security, fulfillment, and key strategic services across our network and free trade zones.Our vaulting facilities provide you with state‑of‑the‑art precious metals storage services including primary dedicated pick‑and‑pack and storage operations across the globe.

Cash processing

From storage to inventory management, counting and validation, we handle fitness sorting, wrapping, packing, and counterfeit detection across multiple currencies. At our secure vault locations, we also provide expertise in the supply of Extended Custodian Inventory (ECI) facilities, as well as the high-velocity transport of currency to and from the ECI.

Our services

Let our efficient and reliable services transport your valuables with full visibility.

Monitored Warehousing

Whether your inventory needs to be stored for domestic or international distribution, Brink's has warehouse space available across six continents—patrolled by highly-trained guards and remotely monitored 24 hours a day.

Inspection Services

Providing independent evaluation services to the Precious Metals, Diamonds & Jewelry and Art industries.

Pick & Pack

At your direction, Brink's can take inventory stored at our facilities and package it for shipment.

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